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40 Q's when re-Branding or creating a new one

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It becomes a lot easier if you have a clear vision when you intend to rebrand or create a new one. We have complied a list of 40 topic segregated questions to assist you in getting it right from day one before you commence any branding plan. Here they are:

Current Brand & Mission

1. Why does your brand exist and what is your mission or purpose?

2. What types of products and services do you provide?

3. How would you describe your company and brand?

4. How do you want others to see your company/brand?

Business Objectives

5. What are you developing a new brand or revamping and what do you hope it will achieve?

6. What new story do you wish to tell the market about your company with the new brand?

7. What is the timeline for launching the new brand?

Clients, Prospects & Experience

8. Who is your current target market?

9. What issues are clients trying to solve when they come to you?

10. How do client choose your business and what are the key factors in the buying decision?

11. Why do people choose you instead of your competitors?

12. How would your clients describe your company/brand?

13. What do your clients experience when they interact with you?

Value Proposition

14. What is the most vital value you deliver to your clients?

15. How do you communicate this value proposition with your current sales & marketing methods?


16. Which markets do you serve?

17. What is your current market share/position? (largest, SME, small, individual)

18. What position do you want to achieve?

19. What is the current awareness of your brand in this market?


20. Who are your competitors and how are they branding?

21. What are the key points that makes you different from them?

22. Any fonts or colors to avoid in your new brand as they may be used by your competitor?

Current Brand

23. What is the history and how did you develop?

24. Are you planning to replace or just update it?

25. Are you ready to accept new branding?

26. Do you have a current process that control the use of your brand?

27. Any specifics you like about the current brand version?

28. What don't you like about it?

29. Would you use some elements from your current brand in the new one?

30. Do you have any research on perceptions of your brand?

New Brand

31. How do you think your company should be positioned in the market?

32. What are the key marketing points to support this?

33. Besides the company name what other elements belong in your brand?

34. Will you need sub-brands for other products or services?

35. What do you want clients to say: "these are the people who ......."

36. What is your brand persona? (strong, stable, creative, different)


37. Do you have a budget for the launch?

38. Have you identified main elements? (icons, signage, posters, flyers etc)

39. Do you have a full launch plan?

Sales Plan

40. How do you intend to capitalize on your new identity with Sales & Marketing. Do you have a plan?

Hope this will help in identifying your plan and purpose with your next move! Let us know if you need assistance with any or all of the above.

Till next time! HAPPY BRANDING!

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