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Keep Your Brand Safe from COVID19

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Its a tough situation of the unprecedented experiences we’re all facing. People are getting affected. Global economies are heading into a recession. Millions of people are currently out of work. As per WHO, there is still much to overcome.

So, you may be asking yourself, “How can I focus on my brand when all of this is happening in the world?” You’re not alone. Yes, social distance yourself, NOT YOUR BRAND. If you can sustain your brand, big or zero budget, large team or just a few people - it’s even more important now.

Using your expertise or brand capital to help during a crisis is not about commercial advantage or profit. It is about doing the right thing for society and showing a company’s true values. Consider restructuring all of your campaigns or current strategies, and realize that all plans likely need to change rapidly. What made sense even a few weeks ago no longer stands the test of time. The entire globe is experiencing an extremely emotional, heavily sensitive era. While it’s hammered in your head to socially distance yourself from people, here are 3 reasons not to socially distance your brand, with a few inspiring ideas as well:

Consumers Are Relying On You

As per research over 70% of companies are making spend changes in Q2-Q3 2020, interestingly enough, that’s not what the consumer expects — only 8% of consumers feel brands should stop advertising. 70% of consumers want reassurance from brands, especially those they rely on. So, now’s not the time to go quiet. As people around the world socially distance themselves from one another physically, they are craving to feel connected and engage with others digitally — be it video conferencing with a friend or reading a great article from a brand. This is the the time to highlight your core values and your brand constantly online.

Loyalty Goes Beyond Product or Service Quality - It’s Now Value Driven

Good products are great. Good values are greater.

As we’ve entered a new decade, a new brand loyalty has emerged - entirely based on shared values. Gone are the days where consumers thought of themselves as they were making purchase decisions - it’s bigger than that.

Now is the time to connect with your consumers on a deeper level. A value-driven level. Reinforce your brand values. What you stand for. How you make a difference. Your purpose. With 95% of purchase decisions happening subconsciously, values are more meaningful than ever now.

With Branding Comes Awareness, And With Awareness Comes Trust

You’ve built your brand up to this point (If you haven't, GET IN TOUCH!). The gaining of awareness does not happen instantly - it takes time, it needs strategic online advertising, more social media engagements, it requires investing, and it takes a ton of creativity to earn familiarity among consumers.

Like a tree or plant, a brand needs watering to continue to grow.

Actions to Consider During COVID-19

Be Thoughtful

Be Reliable

Be Courageous

Be Consistent

Be Different

All this may seem tough when changes are happening every second, though those changes shouldn’t shake your core value as a brand. Most importantly, Be Purposeful. Everything comes down to purpose. As a brand, you’re responsible for building a better society & a better tomorrow!

I will end this with one of my favorite quote (Fits perfectly well!)

"To see results you've never seen before, You have to DO things you've never done before!"


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